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----the analysisof world eyewear brand

As one of thecharacteristic industries in Danyang, eyeglass makesmany peoplefrom other cities know and understand Danyang. Afterten years ofdevelopment, Danyang eyeglasses have made greatprogress andcontributions to economic development and reputationof Danyang. Inthe new period, traditional business model whichdepends on price isfacing crisis now. Eyewear manufacturers,evenall the manufacturersin China have to confront new challenges.They are not sure if theyshould develop to get their owninternational brand and coretechnique to catch up with thedeveloped ones or  compete withdeveloping countries by lowprice. We all know the brand's benefitsand the power of coretechnique. The price of the same product withdifferent logodiffers greatly. That is why we need to spend sparetime onlearning about current world brands and the target we needto catchup in thefuture.      

Great eyewearindustry groups that own so-called famous brandsmainly originatefrom Italy and Japan.

LUXOTTICA, fromMilan, Italy, is the world NO.1 name-brand eyewearmanufacturer.Famous brands of licensed products include Chanel,Prada, Miu Miu,D&G ( Dolce&Gabbana ), Ferragamo, Versace,Versus,DonnaKaran, Bulgari, DKNY, Genny, Moschino, RayBan,Byblos,Burberry, Anne Klein,etc. At present, Chanel eyewears thatare soldby Plaza 66 in Shanghai and Wangfujing in Beijing haveafter-saleservice. The original sole agent in  China ofLUXOTTICA groupis Shanghai Horien Optical Limited company belongingto Ginkointernational group. The parties have terminated thepartnership in2010. LUXOTTICA Group set up their own business tosale brandproducts  inChina.    

SAFILO, fromItaly, is the first Italian eyewear company thatentered the Asianmarket. It is also  the world NO.2name-brand eyewearmanufacturer.   Famous brands oflicensed products includeDior, GUCCI, Giorgio-Armani,Emporio-Armani, YSL, MaxMara, HugoBoss,VALENTINO, MARC-JACOBS,DIESTL,etc. By the end of 2003, SAFILO hasrevoked original soleagent in China and set up their own company inShenzhen to salebrand products in China. Now the group has foundedSAFILO eyewearlimited company in Suzhou Industrial Park and mainlyproduce famousbrand optical frames, sunglasses and soon.

CHARMANT GROUP,from Fukui in Japan, is one of the world's leadingeyewear groups.Since 1956, depending on advanced material science and precisemachining capabilities, it always led advancedscience andtechnology of eyewear manufacturing field. As theleader of globaltitanium eyewear, CHARMANT which owns perfectproduction, sales andservice system has launched seven seriesproduction in Chinesemarket to meet the demand of  all agegroups. The main brandsincluding CHARMANT, Esprit, ELLE, Lacoste,Dask,etc.

DERIGO is also afamous brand eyewear manufacturer because of itsfamous licensedbrands such as LOEWE, CELINE, GIVENCHY, POLICE,FURLA, etc. POLICEenjoys high popularity in the eyewear brands.FURLA is graduallyknown to the public because of its bag which ismade in frontlinecity, and the agent is DERIGO Limited Company(HK). It also hasother frontline brands, for instance,Ermenegildo, Zegna, ESCADA,TOMMY, HILFIGER, etc.   

ALLISON, from Italy, is a larger company, the licensed famousbrandsinclude FERRE, ICEBERG, MISSONI, DUNHILL, CERRUTI1881,VIVIENNEWESTWOOD, EXTE, etc. It is a pity that due to the mistakeof salespromotion, it has lost Charter manufacturing right ofANNA-SUI,RobertoCavalli,  in particular, ANNA-SUI isimproving itsreputation in Asia. Now ALLISON is preparing to openfirm inShanghai to sell products directly as SAFILO.

Other slightly smaller scale companies as follow:

ESTEDE licensed brands consist of CHOPARD, DUPONT, GP,etc.

MARCHON licensed brands consist of FENDI, COACH, CK, NIKE,etc.Atpresent,the main agent in China is Shanghai Horien OpticsLimitedCompany.

MARCOLIN licensedbrands consist of JUST-CAVALLI,ROBERTO-CAVALL,  REPLAY, etc.One of them that is namedafter  Tom-Ford (Original Designmanager of GUCCI) has beensold well in Europe andAmerica.

VISIBILIA licensed brands consist of TRUSSARDI,LAURA-BIAGIOTTI,BLUMARINe, etc. The agent in China is BeijingPhoenix Company.

In China, As forinternational brand eyewear marketing, we have tomention ShanghaiHorien Limited Company and Jusheng optics limitedcomopany thatbelong to Ginko group. They have cooperated withLUXOTTICA beforeand act as agent for the sale of mostinternational brands of themin China. Since 2011, Shanghai HorienLimited Company and Jushengoptics limited comopany started toadjust layout and got severalinternational brands of sales inChina including NIKE, US.POLO.ASSN,LEVIS, NAUTICA,CELINE-DION,MERCEDES-BENS,COACH,etc.         

After giving ageneral introduction to brand, we pay attention tothe productitself to see the characteristics ofproducts. 


Eyeglasses made by SAFILO from Italy practically use thepatentmaterial “Optyl”. The weight of “Optyl” is less than that ofcommonacetate optical frames.Compared with traditionalthermoplasticplastics, it is more tough and owns good polishedsurface which cancause characteristic colors. Eyewears made ofOptyl are easy torecognize since the temple does not have matalcore which commonacetate optical frames required. Moreover, Optyleyewears haveprinting on the end of temples. The processing of thematerial costa lot, so small companies have difficulty in copingit. Sunglassesof SAFILO, ALLISON and LUXOTTICA lead in the world.Most sunglassesuse multilayer filter lenses that can prevent eyesfrom harm ofultraviolet. Ultra-thin microcrystalline technology isused in theirregular lenses to match optical frame perfectly. Thiskind oflens can offer greatest horizon and get rid of dizziness.ALLISONis worth mentioning, they like applying new metal materialsuch aspalladium, ruthenium, even bronze, these materials arelightweightand do not make wearer allergic.The disadvantage is thatmoststyles of ALLISON products are fitforEuropeans.    

CHARMANT, fromJapan, as the initiator who use titanium inproducing eyewears, isthe leader of world titanium optical framesall the time. Dependingon advanced materials science andtechnology and mechanicalprecision processing ability in Japan,CHARMANT has launchedZ-Titanium and Excellence Titanium on thebasis of pure titanium andbeta-titanium. Compared with traditionaltitanium, the new materialshave better flexibility andenvironmental protection, excellentmachining characteristics,comfortable wearing feeling. Withoutstanding physical design andprecise laser welding technology,titanium eyewears of CHARMENT whoowns super core technology leadtheworld.      


Great eyewear groups including LUXOTTICA, SAFILO, CHARMANT and soonmainly produce their top products in Italy and Japan, mosttitaniumalloy optical frames are made in China. With theimprovement ofdomestic eyewear-manufacturing level, otherrelatively medium priceproducts of these great groups are mainlymade in China, especiallyinDongguan,Shenzhen.      

Through learningabout these brands, we have realized that theybecome worldadvantage groups gradually. Compared with those greatgroups, wetemporarily drop behind, we have industrious workers,the advantageof cost, spacious domestic market, we believe thatthrough jointefforts, we will probably beyond them inthefuture.  



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