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Nearsighted students in our country need visualmanagement

From: Chinese HezeNet

Recently, a pieceof latest news that is reported by Myopiaresearch association getsattention of all walks of life. Facingthe same academic pressureand spending the same time on searchingfor data on the internet,the rate of nearsighted students inAmerican(9.8%) is lower thanthat in China(88.5%). Moreover, Canadabecomes the best country thathas the lowest rate of nearsightstudents. After announcingthe  visual investigation, bothChinese local government andschools emphasize in strengthingvisual protection measurement forstudents. Besides, Concernedexperts suggest that  to helpChinese students improveeyesight, we should strongly push visualmanagementfirst.   

Among tenstudents, nine are nearsighted, the root is that Chineseparents andstudents lack of visual management sense.

In June, visualsamples of middle and primary school students fromfifty citiesindicate that more and more primary school studentsbecomenearsighted. And the older you get, the higher possibilityofnearsighted you will be. Now more than 90% high schoolanduniversity students have been nearsighted.

Eyesight studyexperts indicate that using eyes frequently is themain factor ofnearsight but not the only reason. Spending the sametime on usingeyes, eyesight of some students are still normal asusual. Chineseparents and students lack of eye-protection andeyesight management,so the eyesight of chinese students is too badnow. Unless they findthe eyesight reduced, they  only wearexpensive optical frames.They do not correct nearsight sothat   the nearsightgrows deeper anddeeper.     
Foreign students start to receive visual management aroundfiveyears old and keep nearsight undercontrol.   
Compared with chinese students who only do visual inspectionwhenthey need health check-up or match glasses, most foreignchildrenstart to receive visual management when they are young. Acanadianparent said ,“Receiving visual management is the rightandobligation of every child, if a child does not receivevisualmanagement when gets the prescribed age, his or her parentswill beconsulted and fined.”

People indeveloped countries have learned the importance ofvisualmanagement. Some local governments specially set rulesaboutreceiving visual management. One visual management expert inChinaonce said “The measures directly impacts the visualdevelopment ofchildren. Due to the measures,the number ofnearsighted children inthese countries is very little and the majoris lowmyopia.”  

It is well knownthat in Euramerican developed countries, everychild from 5 to 20years old has to receive visual management, doinspection regularlyand require guidance of eye using fromspecialists.  
Experts suggest that we should strongly push visual managementtohelp children get rid of nearsight.

Aim at theincreasing number of chinese nearsighted children, manyeye expertssuggest that we should strongly push visual managementso thatchildren in our country can get rid of nearsight.

Other expertsindicate that in view of the current developmentsituation, there issomewhat difficulty to making every familyreceive visualmanagement. They suggest that every family canspontaneously makechildren receive visual management and benefitall through theirlife.



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