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Contact lenses once worn change into phone's screenin the


Information Timescomprehensive dispatch   The BritishMedia reported thatin the future contact lenses can offer youclear vision, it can alsoacts as electronic screen of mobile phoneand computer. When wearingcontact lenses, you can browse news,messages and pictures withoutcomputer and brainpower phone. Maybethe high-tech contact lensesthat appeared in science fiction film“Terminator” will come true inthe near future.

Engineeringprofessors Baalbec Parvez is a contact lenseswearer,and hespecializes in developing nanoelectronic product. Hehas inventedone kind of  contact lenes that can be embeddedLED lamp, powerline and circuit board in, and the contact lensescan receiveeletronic information throughwirelessnetwork.  

The contact lensescan measure glycemic index as well.
At present, the contact lenses that is called “intelligencelenses”have been tested on the eyes of rabbit and had no rejection.Parvezindicated that now we can show one point on the contactlenses,only if the increasing number  of points change intodirectionarrow, and reflect GPS navigation information on thelenses, thecontact lenses can guide wearers.

Professor Parvezhas also studied if computerized contact lensescan test humanglycemic index and other health data. He said thatthe surface ofhuman eyeball is covered with many active cellswhich can directlyreflect  situation of human blood pressure.



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