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Formosa Optical-expanding new business and salesanalysis

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FormosaOptical,which is from Taiwan,recently carried out somenewastonishing business including investment in networktelevisiondrama, designing and developing hand chain and T-shirt,“DreamFactory”project about selected racingcardriver.    

Mr. LiuJizhong,sales Manager of Formosa Optical in China, hasannounced aseries of strategic planning above. He declined toreveal the costof new business plan in an interview. He alsoindicated thatalthough some top venture capitalists contacted him,he had nointerest in capital market.

The network drama“Love SOS”was invested by Formosa Optical. Duringthe premiere, Mr.Liu said that the plot is nearly customized forFormosa Opticalsince the leading actor acted as an assistantmanager of FormosaOptical store. Ms. Chen Xueling, deputy generalmanager of marketingdepartment in China, said that “Dream Factory”project includinginvestment in network drama is the thought of thechairman of Formosa Optical and has planned for many years.
“Dream Factory”is called AppStore of Taiwan by FormosaOptical.Formosa Optical and some large suppliers set up platform toprovideservice for customers. Planning dream activities includevisitingfashion show in Mido, having supper together withWorld-classsports champions, practicing in the world's greatestopticalcompany, etc. Suppliers consist of Johnson & Johnson,Charmant,Carl Zeiss, etc.
Ms. Chen said that the most direct benefit to suppliers is savingalot of money  for advertisement. Besides, up to then,thenumber of customers who apply for “Dream Project” hasreached800,000, one of them is a three-month   baby.
Mr. Liu indicates that thanks to the plan, sales of FormosaOpticalhas increased by 20% in recent months.



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